The next Lorcana expansion, Shimmering Skies, is available to pre-order only at Best Buy

Key art for Disney Lorcana Shimmering Skies
Image: Ravensburger/Disney

You can reserve Shimmering Skies products ahead of the Aug. 23 launch

The next expansion for Disney Lorcana, Shimmering Skies, launches on Aug. 23. While previous Lorcana expansions have been available to pre-order through multiple retailers, Shimmering Skies products are currently only available through Best Buy.

Shimmering Skies brings a number of new Disney characters to the existing roster, introducing Venelope Von Schweetz and Wreck-it Ralph in addition to new versions of existing favorites like Kronk.

Below, we’ve provided links to where you can pre-order all the new products in Shimmering Skies, along with details of their contents.

Shimmering Skies launches with two Starter Decks, each priced at $16.99. Each pre-built deck features 60 cards centered around two ink types; the Emerald and Steel deck features Scar and Kronk, while the Amethyst and Ruby deck showcases Elsa and Wreck-it Ralph. Both decks also include a Shimmering Skies Booster Pack to kickstart your collection. While the Starter Decks are currently available to pre-order from Best Buy, the retailer won’t allow you to pick which deck to purchase at this time.

Shimmering Skies Booster Packs contain cards exclusively from the new expansion. Individual boosters are available to pre-order from Best Buy for $5.99 each, but you can reserve a box of 24 Booster Packs for $143.99. Each Booster Pack contains a total of 12 cards with the following rarities: six common, three uncommon, two that are rare or better, and a single foil card of a random rarity.

As with previous Lorcana expansions, Shimmering Skies is also launching with a $49.99 Illumineer’s Trove. This gift box includes eight Shimmering Skies Booster Packs, six damage-counter dice, six card dividers, and a spindown lore counter. While this gift box is a great way to jumpstart your collection with some additional cards and cool bonus items, you’ll still need to purchase a starter deck or have an existing Lorcana deck to start playing.

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