Minecraft’s summer sale on content packs has daily 75% off deals, and one big freebie

An image of a Minecraft character stretching its arms at a block table.
Image: Starfish Studios/Mojang Studios via YouTube

How to reshape or rebuild your Minecraft experience

It’s 2024, and there are loads of different ways to play Minecraft. Its marketplace contains additions like themed worlds, mini-games, and packs that allow you to edit the look of the game. Now, with the upcoming Summer Celebration, fans will get the chance to buy select packs for up to a 75% discount, and try out new content.

The Minecraft Marketplace is a digital storefront where approved community creators can buy and sell add-ons to the Minecraft game. Players purchase this additional content with Minecoins, an in-game currency purchasable digitally or in stores. (At the time of publication, Amazon sells 1,720 Minecoins for $9.88.) The sale will start on July 2 and run until July 16. All items sold in the Marketplace require a version of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition with Minecraft Marketplace.

According to Mojang’s blog post, players can expect “a lot” of the Marketplace catalog will be discounted by 33%, and there will be a daily deal with two new content packs discounted at 75% off for 24 hours. So if you (or your kid) has been eyeballing a particular pack, you might want to check in daily.

If you don’t want to spend those precious Minecoins, there is one freebie you can take advantage of: During the duration of the sale, players can now download the “Trial Chamber Legends” adventure world for free. This add-on contains quests, puzzles, and challenges, so if you want a more structured Minecraft experience, it wouldn’t hurt to grab it while it’s free.

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