Chapter 2 ‘Let’s Go, Bro!’ exploration walkthrough in Zenless Zone Zero

Anton and Belle in Zenless Zone Zero
Image: Hoyoverse via Polygon

How to get all three Hollow Observation Data with Anton

In Chapter 2 of Zenless Zone Zero’s main story, you’ll be tasked with pursuing a robot with Anton by your side in the investigation “Let’s Go, Bro!” If you sped through everything, you may have passed a Hollow Observation Data locked behind a wall while you didn’t have enough gear coins to unlock it.

The gimmick for this level involves pushing Anton into enemies, allowing him to clear the enemies out. If Anton defeats enemies, they’ll drop coins. (If you manually fight the enemies, you won’t get this loot.)

Below we explain how to get all three Hollow Observation Data from the “Let’s Go, Bro!” investigation in Zenless Zone Zero, along with a complete walkthrough for the level.

‘Let’s Go, Bro!’ objectives

  1. Collect 1 set of Hollow Observation Data
  2. Collect 2 sets of Hollow Observation Data
  3. Collect 3 sets of Hollow Observation Data

In this level, you’ll just need to collect the three golden orb icons to get all the rewards. For each piece of data you find, you’ll get 10 Polychrome.

One of the Hollow Observation Data in this level is locked behind a door and you can only get the coins to unlock it by having Anton take out some enemies for you. He just needs a little push!

ZZZ ‘Let’s Go, Bro!’ walkthrough

You’ll see a straight path at first, so just go forward until you see this set-up:

A grid in the Zenless Zone Zero Hollows showing Anton on the grid with several enemies around him
Image: Hoyoverse via Polygon
  1. Go down twice, pushing Anton into the bottom middle enemy and grabbing Hollow Observation Data #1.
  2. Go left twice, forcing Anton to take on the bottom left enemy.
  3. Go down once and then up once, so Anton defeats the top left enemy.
  4. Go up once and then back down once, putting Anton back on the bottom row.
  5. Go right four times, making Anton take on the bottom right enemy.
  6. Mirroring what you did on the left side, go down once, pushing Anton up. Then go up again to force Anton to beat the last remaining enemy in the top right.
  7. Pick up all the gold coins before leaving through the newly opened path on the right. You should have 2,500 coins. (You technically only need to make Anton take out three of the five enemies, as you’ll only need 1,500 coins to unlock a door, but we’re being thorough here.)

You’ll fight a couple enemies in front of a broken brick wall before you squeeze through, leaving Anton behind. Head all the way down to reveal a new map.

The Zenless Zone Zero Hollows with a brick wall separating the player and Anton
Image: Hoyoverse via Polygon
  1. Go back up to meet up with Anton, though you’ll realize you can’t backtrack.
  2. Anton will now follow you down, mirroring your movement on the left side of the brick, so just run down so he takes out all those enemies. The enemies will drop silver coins, so go up and grab those once the path opens.

You’ll grab Hollow Observation Data #2 on your way out.

A locked door south of the Zenless Zone Zero hollows with an observation data locked behind it
Image: Hoyoverse via Polygon
  1. Follow the path and head south to the locked door. Spend your hard-earned coins to open the door and grab Hollow Observation Data #3.
  2. Head forward on the path to the observation block on the left. More enemies and paths will be revealed.

Note that at this point, you have all three Hollow Observation Data and you don’t need Anton to beat the enemies for you. Pushing him into the enemies just saves you time, as you won’t have to jump into battle and deal with the enemies yourself.

Four enemies ahead of Anton in the Zenless Zone Zero hollows
Image: Hoyoverse via Polygon
  1. Go left twice, right once, down, and then left again to have Anton beat all four of these enemies.
  2. After all the enemies are defeated, the map will expand again.
A screenshot of Zenless Zone Zero depicting a bunch of TVs in a grid, with one character’s face on each TV, showing four enemies on TVs to the south of the character Anton and the player character
Image: Hoyoverse via Polygon
  1. Collect the coins and set up Anton and yourself so you’re lined up in the middle, as shown above. It doesn’t matter if he’s on your left or right, as the results will be the same.
  2. Go down, initiating battle with one of the enemies. After beating them, push Anton right and left into the remaining enemies if you don’t want to battle them manually.
  3. Heal at the rest space and grab additional healing at the ether dewdrop spaces that appear, if you need it.
  4. Head toward the remaining enemy squares and take them out to finish this level.

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