Chapter 2 ‘Speedy Chaser’ exploration walkthrough in Zenless Zone Zero

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How to get all 3 sets of Hollow Observation Data

In Chapter 2’s “Speedy Chaser” of Zenless Zone Zero, you’re tasked with catching a sentient construction robot that has gone missing. Joining up with Belobog Heavy Industries managers Anton, Ben and Koleda, you’ll need to find and repossess the corrupted machinery, taking down a few bad guys along the way.

As the name suggests, this mission involves a good bit of chasing, as once you get close to the pesky android, it runs away, using its hydraulic impact mechanism to send you down fissures and into enemy territory. While on the hunt, you can nab three sets of Hollow Observational Data alongside some tasty loot.

Below, we explain how to pick up all three sets of Hollow Observation Data from the “Speedy Chaser” investigation in Zenless Zone Zero, along with a complete walkthrough for the level.

‘Speedy Chaser’ Objectives

  1. Collect 1 set of Hollow Observational Data
  2. Collect 2 sets of Hollow Observational Data
  3. Collect 3 sets of Hollow Observational Data

You’ll need to collect three golden orb-shaped icons to collect the data sets. If you’ve already collected it, the box will turn grey. Each Hollow Observational Data you collect rewards you with 10 Polychrome.

Unlike other Proxy puzzles, you won’t have any locked doors or strange mechanics to contend with. However, there is an optional combat block you can tackle, which is gatekeeping extra rewards.

‘Speedy Chaser’ walkthrough

Entering the puzzle, you’ll see a large animated character block representing the machine.

A grid in the Zenless Zone Zero
Image: Hoyoverse via Polygon
  1. Go six blocks to the right to trigger a new path around the pile driver.
  2. Go three blocks down, then three across until you are directly under the pile driver.
  3. Go up two blocks triggering the pile driver to shrink down to a single block size and make a run for it further to the right.
  4. Go up one block before heading right four blocks and up two blocks again until you hit the same spot the pile driver is occupying.
  5. This will set off a hydraulic impact mechanism, which will create a fissure and send you down into another area of blocks that look like this:
A grid in the Zenless Zone Zero
Image: Hoyoverse via Polygon
  1. In the new map, you’ll need to move two blocks to the right, where you’ll hit an Eject block.
  2. After catapulting across and earning an additional +500 Dennies, you’ll see another similar setup below.
  3. Move down one space to the secondary Eject block and collect another +500 Dennies.
A grid in the Zenless Zone Zero
Image: Hoyoverse via Polygon
  1. Go up one block to an enemy encounter, where you’ll need to take on a few waves of Ethereals to move on.
  2. Once you’ve bested the bad guys, move right once, and you’ll earn the Hollow Observational Data #1.
  3. Go four more blocks right until you hit a fissure leading to the next area.
A grid in the Zenless Zone Zero
Image: Hoyoverse via Polygon
  1. After the machine goes on the run again, go up one block to heal any wounds using the Rest Area.
  2. Go right once, then go down five times to chase the construction machine.
  3. Go right twice and land on the same block; it will use the hydraulic impact mechanism again and send you down to another floor.
A grid in the Zenless Zone Zero
Image: Hoyoverse via Polygon
  1. Go right twice and ride the automatic tracks to an open area.
  2. Go right two more times, then up twice to get the Hollow Observational Data #2.
  3. Go up once to open an Elite Investigator’s Supply Box with 5000 Dennies and four Official Investigator Logs. You can also find additional Dennies on either side of the data, too.
  4. Go down two blocks and then move three blocks right to the fissure and into the next area.

(There is a high-tiered combat block that is completely optional; however, it does unlock some good loot, including an Elite Investigators Supply Box, 500 Dennies, and a Rest Area to recoup before moving on.)

A grid in the Zenless Zone Zero
Image: Hoyoverse via Polygon
  1. The machinery will run to the right one more time before you can move. Go down once to either craft a healing spray or collect Ether Dewdrops.
  2. Go up once before moving seven blocks to the right and into an open area called the abandoned building complex.
A grid in the Zenless Zone Zero
Image: Hoyoverse via Polygon
  1. Go right twice to trigger a Senior Investigators Supply Box to appear in the block above.
  2. Take it, then go up four more blocks before moving right for two blocks.
  3. Go down two more blocks to collect the Hollow Observational Data #3.
  4. Collecting the data will smash the bricks below. Go down two blocks to collect another Senior Investigators Supply Box.
  5. Go down once to rejoin the central row of blocks before moving right four blocks, landing on the construction machine location.
  6. This will initiate a cut scene and subsequent boss fight with the machinery, which will end the level.

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