Officer Mewmew Medal locations in Zenless Zone Zero

Officer Mewmew catching your attention in Zenless Zone Zero
Image: Hoyoverse via Polygon

Help out your community with the help of a talking cat

Officer Mewmew tasks you will helping out the local community by completing odd jobs in Zenless Zone Zero.

Mewmew’s errands offer valuable rewards like Polychromes, W-Engine Power Supplies, Official Investigator Logs and Dennies, and are a smart way to fill up your resource purse before returning to the danger of the Hollows.

There are a total of 96 Mewmew Medals that can be earned at launch in Zenless Zone Zero. The criteria necessary to complete them include fixing Bangboos, finding Mini Cargo Trucks, obtaining commemorative H.I.A. coins, and completing full-blown side-story missions.

Below, we explain how to earn Officer Mewmew Medals that we’ve found so far in Zenless Zone Zero. We’ll keep updating our list as we collect them all, so keep checking in for updates as you play.

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Where to find Mewmew Medals in Zenless Zone Zero

The Officer Mewmew medal screen in Zenless Zone Zero
Image: Hoyoverse via Polygon

The NPCs you can interact with in Zenless Zone Zero have an icon bubble above their head. Once you’ve interacted with an NPC that gives you a quest, you can access and track missions using the schedule submenu.

Doing this will summon a grey dot onscreen pointing to where to go. Once you arrive at the next interactable object in the quest, the icon bubble above the NPC or object will be a blue star.

Completing missions will cycle the day, though you can reset the time by resting in the bed located upstairs inside the video shop.

Mewmew Medal locations in Sixth Street Page 1

Mewmew Medal locations in Ballet Twins Road

Mewmew Medal locations in Brand Street Construction

Mewmew Medal locations in Lumina Square Page 1

Mewmew Medal locations in Lumina Square Page 2

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