Random: Homebrew Dev Acquires 'Tengen' Brand, Launches Unlicensed NES Game

Come again..?

Remember Tengen? From 1987 to 1994, it was a subsidiary of Atari Games focused on creating unlicensed titles for the NES by attempting to circumvent Nintendo’s licensee restrictions. After obtaining a copy of the Nintendo lock-out program, Tengen was well on its way to creating its own NES cartridges. However, Nintendo promptly sued Tengen which eventually led to the company being consolidated into Time Warner (Atari Games’ parent company at the time).

Now, in 2024, one sole developer by the name of Jeff Silvers has managed to acquire the Tengen name and has used this to create a brand new company called ‘Tengen Games’. According to the website, Silvers had conducted research in 2022 and discovered that nobody owned the Tengen name at the time, so simply began a lengthy process of officially registering it with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The registration is now currently in the ‘final stages’ of completion.

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