Where to find HIA Coins in Zenless Zone Zero

HIA Coins in Zenless Zone Zero around the Sage of Barrels
Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Source images: Hoyoverse

All HIA Coin locations in Sixth Street and Brant Street

HIA Coins are one of the many collectables in Zenless Zone Zero, found from small interactions like talking to NPCs on the street and helping their problems.

You can unlock HIA Coins by completing the “Trash Talking” side commission from Ellis at Waterfall Soup pretty early on.

Below we explain where to find all the HIA Coins in Sixth Street and Brant Street. (We’re still working on collecting the coins in the later maps of Zenless Zone Zero and will update this guide when we get them.)

What are HIA Coins used for in Zenless Zone Zero?

You can trade HIA Coins to the Sage of Barrels, the trashcan in the corner of Sixth Street. The garbage can will give you a random reward from a pool of items for every coin you give it, including EXP materials and Denny.

Where to find HIA Coins in Zenless Zone Zero

You can find HIA Coins in a handful of places, but the thing to look for are NPCs with grey speech bubbles above them or sparkling interactable objects like so:

Belle faces a man at the end of the street with grey bubble text in Zenless Zone Zero
Image: Hoyoverse via Polygon
This nervous officer has the grey speech bubble.
A sparkling plant in Zenless Zone Zero
Image: Hoyoverse via Polygon
The plant by the cafe sparkles at the right time of day.

If you’re having a hard time finding the NPCs or sparkling objects, there are a couple things you can do:

  • Leave the area and come back to refresh the NPCs.
  • Look to see if the NPC is in the “wrong” spot. For example, if you need Clara’s coin but she’s standing in front of Remote Play instead of the remodeling shop, talk to her, and then refresh the area to have her move.
  • Be aware that NPCs may get tied up in side commissions, too. For instance, weren’t able to get Ronnie’s coin because Kousaka was busy with another quest.
  • Double check that the time is set correctly.
  • Make sure you’re not in immersive story mode. If you can’t see the time of day in the top left corner, you won’t be able to find coins.

You can also track your progress for each area by talking to Officer Mewmew. The last task on each page is collecting half or all the HIA coins in the area, which will let you know your progress.

Zenless Zone Zero HIA Coin locations

Below, we list all the early HIA Coin locations in Zenless Zone Zero, organized by time of day and locations.

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